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Since 2010 we have created more than 400 jobs in 11 communities in Mexico. We employ over 300 people in our fully owned and operated distilleries in Mexico, as well as many indirectly by partnering with additional distilleries. Finally, we partner with over 50 independent farmers in various regions across Mexico by both renting their land, as well as direct purchase of their production.


We believe in meeting or exceeding industry standards for the treatment of workers. We have worked with the communities and experts to ensure our compensation for our partners is leading edge and extends beyond just higher than average pay. Such as:

  1. Social security for their entire family.

  2. Retirement found (SAR) for every employee.

  3. Additional commuting support.

  4. Access to mental health support, well-being programs and financial assistance through personal loans.

  5. Paid Holiday time significantly higher than legal requirement.

  6. Incremental weekly productivity bonuses.

  7. Training and Development to support professional growth.

  8. Independent farmers support programs:

  • Education of farmers in soil sustainability and use

  • 0% financing programs to our farmers

  • We work hands-on with our farmers to provide assistance to pursue alternative incomes when agricultural areas have been abandoned due to climate change, such as transitioning sugar cane fields, in newly water scarce regions, to agave fields.

  • Extremely rare in the industry, we encourage farmers to complement the agave fields with other agricultural products for their consumption.

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