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All of our business models are rooted in a commitment to, and informed by, agricultural farming models to ensure we maintain the lightest touch to the land. We engage and rely on farming, environmental and sustainability experts at the start of every project, envisioning not just current needs but the future of responsible scalability.


We dedicate a portion of our land to promote the flowering of the agave. While rare in the industry, since flowering of agaves prevents their use in production, we believe this to be an important investment in the ecosystem balance.

We currently employ controlled wild sourcing for sotol, however we have established our own dedicated cultivated plantations to ensure our replacement ratio always exceeds our use. We are pioneers in agave and sotol cultivation. Not only are we the only company to expand our cultivation practices to Sotol, but we are industry leading in agave. We take a long-term position in the industry and plant  our annually forecasted consumption for the next 7-9 years.


We commit to zero deforestation for our facilities and processes, as well as agricultural techniques that favor the conservation of soils and nutrients. These techniques are nothing new to farmers globally but are significantly under-utilized in Mexico.

In addition to managing our own footprint, we have invested in reclaiming over 75 hectares of land lost by others through unsustainable practices. We have invested in irrigation systems to reactivate plots of land that have been abandoned due to climate change and can no longer be used in their previous crops such as fruit and sugar cane.


Agave requires very low amounts of water so it can thrive as a crop where many others can no longer due to low water availability. Allowing these lands to be productive again for the farmers has a significant impact on community health and emigration rates.

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